Jessica St James is a London-based writer, artist, and illustrator.

     Born in London in 1989, St James spent her formative years in the UK and Italy. She achieved a BA in English Literature and an MA in Modern Culture at University College London before accepting a place as a postgraduate of Creative and Critical Writing at the University of Cambridge. Her artistic training began with a foundational year at an atelier in Florence and continued at the Royal Drawing School in London, after which she undertook an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Art Therapy at I.A.T.E: The London House of Art. 

St James’ academic studies centred around modernism and culminated in an investigation into irony and new sincerity entitled, ‘The Reign of the Enormous Joke’. Her creative pursuits and psychotherapeutic training lead to a belief in the transformative and transcendent power of stories. Using a mixture of prose, calligram, and intaglio etching, her work combines word with image, and modern anxiety with mysticism.

St James is currently working on a series of intaglio etchings to accompany her first novel, The Mercury Line. She is also at the early stages of a collaborative project to write and illustrate a book of verse for children.

For more information & enquiries regarding commission, collaboration or representation, write to  Jessica at

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